your Patagonia fly fishing adventure awaits you. let us tell you why you can't miss it!

The reasons to come and visit Patagonia, Chile are absolutely endless and the experiences that are waiting for you here are unimaginable.  As a young angler I always had read about Patagonia and the storied tales of brown trout eating giant beetles off of the surface.  The thought of such an act to me sounded unbelievable and from that day on I was hooked on the quest for Patagonia trout.  Like you I always had dreamt of fishing Patagonia and knew one day that I would make it.  Fast forward eleven years later and we are still here and building one of the best fly fishing destinations in the world.  Well now is the time that you fulfilled your fly fishing dream trip and experience what will soon become one of your favorite destinations to visit every season.  Patagonia, Chile is one of the most addictive places to fly fish and the friendships and cultural experiences that you will have will last well into the sunset.  So the question that you have right now is why?  Why Patagonia.  Well that is a great question and one that many of our guests have asked us over the years and we feel that the answers that we have for you are very simple yet to the point.  We have listed below five reasons that your experience with PTA in Patagonia, Chile will be one of the most incredible and memorable fly fishing experiences of your life.



  • We have the Most Diverse and Varied Fly Fishing Programs in the Region

  • we hAVE Top Professional Guides that work with a dawn to dark work ethic

  • a Regional Chilean Chef that prepares authentic Chilean cuisine nightly with a focus on organic locally sourced products


  • State of the art equipment including state of the art 4x4 trucks, rafts and catarafts from Aire BOATS, OUTCAST BOATS, AND NRS WHITEWATER FRAMES


Aside from the previous mentioned highlights of why you should visit Patagonia, Chile there are many other reasons to come and visit such a special country.  One of the highlights of a trip to Chile is experiencing the local culture and color and is at the top of our list of things to do.  This is why we have chosen your first night in Chile to be lake side on Lago LLanquihue (Chile's second largest lake) in the small quaint German town of Puerto Varas, Chile.  Puerto Varas is a wonderful small lakeside village that is home to about 2,000 residents.  This small city begs you to explore it's wonderful street vendors, eclectic restaurants, locally owned businesses, local German crafted beer, and to experience the heart and soul of Chile all the while taking in the wonderful views of Volcano Osorno (large strata volcano similar to Mt.Fuji) and Lago Llanquihue. 

Some other great highlights of a trip with PTA is the incredible mountain scenery that you will find yourself in daily.  The Andes Mountains will be your backdrop throughout your stay with us and provide some of the most beautiful mountain vistas that you have ever seen while throwing a dry fly to wild Patagonian rainbow and brown trout.  Some of the experiences and vista's that you will see would be cascading Andean waterfalls, local guacho's (Chilean Cowboy's) herding their cattle and sheep along the Patagonian steppe, the vibrant azure blue green colors of the rivers and lakes of the Andes Mountains, an authentic Chilean rodeo, the preparation of an authentic fire roasted lamb asado (Chilean BBQ), or the campesinos (local farmers) gathering blackberries to make homemade jams and jelly's.  These are just some of the experiences that you could have on a trip to Patagonia, Chile with us and are at the top of our lists for our guests well rounded fishing experience.  Now we are going to list five more reasons to come and fly fish with us this next summer in Patagonia, Chile and to show you why you have made the right choice to fly fish with Patagonia Trout Adventures.



  • Authentic Chilean Culture and Experiences

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Professional Staff

  • Most Undiscovered and Unexplored Rivers and Lakes of Patagonia

  • World Class Dry Fly Fishing

  • Abundance Of Above Average Size Trout


These are just some of the reasons that booking a trip with PTA is the right choice.  The rumors are true and the only thing missing is you holding that Patagonia trophy trout of a lifetime.  So come join us this 2017-2018 summer season and experience one of Patagonia, Chile's most exciting fly fishing adventures.

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