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Our options at PTA are endless and custom trips are our specialty but we have also designed two different incredible packages for our guests to choose from that we would highly recommend you look into.  Our packages are built around the concept of fishing a different Patagonian watershed daily which gives our guest the most variety and options throughout their stay.  Those that do choose one of our packages will enjoy casting into just about every type of water imaginable.  From casting dragonfly patterns tight to the reeds for exploding trout, to walk and wade fishing a pristine river, or sight fishing with fine tippets to free rising mayfly sippers in a back eddy.  Not to worry you will have an experienced fly fishing guide by your side at all times that will be stocked with all of the right flies and well versed in the intricate fishing scenarios that you will encounter on a daily basis. We take great pride in providing fun, top notch guiding services and is at the core of our existence.  The diversity and options that we have available will not disappoint and will leave you satisfied at the end of the day.  The variety of fishing scenarios and the above average size trout are the main attractions and we believe that no matter your level of skill or regardless of the scenario we will always be able to provide great fly fishing for our guests.  Nick and Carolina host and organize every single trip assuring our guest you will get what you have paid for.  We always deliver and will be there 100% of the time to help you out and execute your trip properly.  Our client's safety and security are always our number one priority and in the event that a situation arises while in country we will be there with answers and solutions to help you through those unforeseen circumstances.  Getting to Chile is easy and very safe.  We make it very easy for all of our guest to get to Chile and we will help you book your airline travel as well as organize city, wine, and cultural tours throughout Chile and Argentina with our trusted travel partners. We have partnered with one of the best travel agents that will prepare and organize all of your airline itinerary travel for you and will be your contact for organizing city, wine, and cultural tours throughout Chile and Argentina.  We will send you a pre trip packet with all of the contact information once we have made your reservation.

Packages and Itineraries

Patagonia Explorer Package 

  • 7 nights|6 days of fishing

Day One:  Arrive at Chana Airport.  Transfer 2 hours to the lodge and prepare for your adventure

Day Two:  Fish Rio Entrada (Entrance River)

Day Three:  Fish Lago Libelula (Dragonfly Lake)

Day Four:  Fish Rio Lupines (Lupin River)

Day Five:  Fish Rio Perfecto (Perfect River) and Rio Lupines (Lupin River) 

Day Six:  Fish Laguna Tesoro (Treasure Lagoon) or Fish Laguna Olvidada (Forgotten Lagoon)

Day Seven:  Fish Rio Impresionante (Impressive River)

Day Eight:  Transfer to Chana Airport in the morning and return flight home to the United States

Day Nine:  Arrive to the United States in the morning/afternoon

Trip Cost:  $5,500.00 p/p

Best Of Patagonia Package

  • 10 nights|9 days of fishing

Day One:  Arrive at Chana Airport.  Transfer 2 hours to the lodge and prepare for your adventure

Day Two:  Fish Rio Entrada (Entrance River)

Day Three:  Fish Lago Libelula (Dragonfly Lake)

Day Four:  Fish Rio Lupines (Lupin River) 

Day Five:  Fish Rio Perfecto (Perfect River) and Fish Rio Lupines (Lupin River) 

Day Six:  Fish Rio Impresionante (Impressive River)

Day Seven:  Fish Laguna Tesoro (Treasure Lagoon) or Fish Laguna Olvidada (Forgotten Lagoon)

Day Eight:  Fish Upper Rio Entrada (Upper Entrance River)

Day Nine:  Fish Rio Mora (Blackberry River) or Fish Rio Escondido(Hidden River)

Day Ten:  Fish Laguna Perdida (Lost Lagoon) or Fish Rio Pisco (Pisco River)

Day Eleven:  Transfer to Chana Airport in the morning and return flight home to the United States

Day Twelve:  Arrive to the United States in the morning/afternoon

Trip Cost:  $7,860.00

global field rescue and Trip Cancellation Insurance

At Patagonia Trout Adventures we always recommend purchasing global field rescue insurance at the very least as well as trip cancellation insurance for any unforeseen travel malfunctions.  It is worth it's weight in gold and you will be patting yourself on the back if something were to go wrong on your trip.  It is an investment of only 3% of your trip price and is such a minimal investment for such strong coverage that it is highly recommended and advised by Patagonia Trout Adventures that you take out some form of a plan for safety and security reasons.  We are not in the business of selling insurance but we do have some recommendations of insurance companies that specialize in international travel plans.  We highly recommend checking out www.globalrescue.com to cover your field rescue needs, which simply means if you are hurt in the field Global Rescue will send a helicopter to you and transport you to the nearest available healthcare facility for care.  A pretty good deal in our minds and something that you should consider. 

We also recommend trip cancellation insurance.  We recommend checking out www.travelguard.com.  They offer trip cancellation insurance which means that you will be reimbursed the amount of money you have invested in the event that you cannot travel due to a natural disaster or some other foreseen circumstance preventing you from going on your trip.  These are only suggestions but we cannot stress the importance of taking out at least one of the two policies to protect your investment. 

frequently asked questions

The programs that we have prepared are some of the most diverse and exciting new options available.  We want to make it easy for you to choose one of our programs and this is why we are going to answer a couple of frequently asked questions that you may have before you decide to book your trip with us.

  • When is the best time to come and fish with Patagonia Trout Adventures?

The best time to come and fish with us starts in the spring (November 15) just as the rivers are coming alive and will continue on through our Andean summer until the leaves start to change color in late fall (May 7).  Our seasons are very similar to South Western Montana and the equivalent of (May-October) in the Rocky Mountains. 

  • How long does it take to get to your operation from the United States? 

It generally takes around 20 hours in total to get to our operation in Southern Patagonia Chile and is a hassle free experience.  It takes just as long to get to Alaska or Canada from the United States and is an easy flight to obtain access to some outstanding trout fishing.

  • How many days in total is a trip to Patagonia Trout Adventures for a week of fly fishing?

Eleven.  You will spend the first two days in transit to Patagonia Trout Adventures and then you will enjoy seven nights and six days of fly fishing and on the morning of day ten you will catch a flight to Santiago and fly that evening home to the United States arriving to your destination in the morning/afternoon of day eleven.

  • What type of fish will we be catching while fly fishing in Patagonia?

Chile Fly Fishing | Fly Fishing Chile | Patagonia Fly Fishing Guide | Patagonia Trout Adventures |

You will have the opportunity to cast at over seven different species of fish including Mcloud River red band rainbows that were transplanted from Northern California back in the 1890's as well as German and Loch Leven Brown Trout, Brook Trout, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Atlantic Salmon. 

  • What type of fishing will we be doing?

One of the main types of fishing that we employ is dry fly fishing on the surface while drifting in one of our custom designed fly fishing rafts or catarafts.  Patagonia, Chile harbors over thirteen different species of terrestrial beetles that provide a rich biodiversity of insects.  We also employ streamer techniques and love to hunt the biggest fish in the river.  Our guides are well trained in trophy hunting and will provide you with expert instruction and custom hand tied streamers to entice the fish of a lifetime.  We also like too swing flies on spey rods in the fall for migrating Sea Run Brown Trout, King Salmon, and Atlantic salmon and are well versed in spey casting techniques for sea run fish. 

  • Is Chile a safe country to travel in?

Yes.  Chile is one of the safest countries to visit in South America.  Chile has a democratic government and boasts one of the highest growth rates in the tourism industry in the world.  Chileans welcome foreign visitors to their country with open arms and are some of most hospitable and giving people around.  You will embrace their warm smile, colorful culture, and their fantastic wines while enjoying the pace and lifestyle of their wonderful country.

  • What language do they speak in Chile?

Spanish.  Though in some parts of Chile they do speak the native Mapuche Indian language (Mapudungun) but only 2% of the population of Chile has Native Mapuche blood therefore it is not used often in conversational Spanish in Chile.

  • What type of reptiles or mammals do you have in Chile?  Is it like Alaska?

Oh, well let's see.  None.  That is one of the highlights of a trip to Patagonia, Chile.  It is the complete opposite of Alaska.  It is best described as the wilderness with no teeth.  There are no bears that are sharing the river with you, we don't have giant snakes or scorpions that will eat you alive, no moose to stomp you on your favorite gravel bar, and no white socks, no see um's, or black flies that will cause bodily harm.  We simply have pristine free flowing rivers that are teeming with trout that are completely addicted to eating large terrestrial dry fly's on the surface.  Sound good.  Yeah, we agree with you and why we have chosen to build our operation in such a special part of the world.

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