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3 of Chile's Most Popular Drinks

While in Chile you will see and experience a number of different types of beverages but there are a few on our list that seem stand out from the pack so we have put together three of our favorites.  Salud!

The Pisco Sour

  • Chile's national drink and one that is a big highlight at the end of the fishing day
  • Made from the grapes of a vine called aquardiente.  Similiar to the Grapa grape
  • Oh, it's good.  So fresh and delicious and they make us smile.  Ingredients:  Pisco, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Egg Whites, and Powdered Sugar.  
  • Similar to Mexico's Margarita except we use egg whites in our pisco sour mix
  • Here is the wikipedia definition of a pisco sour. Click Here

Kunstmann Gran Toro Bayo

  • Our favorite beer of Chile and a true representation of an iconic Chilean hand crafted beer
  • Reddish copper in color with a smooth taste and full body    7.5 % ABV
  •  Delicious and creamy texture
  • Ease of Drinkability
  • Handcrafted in Valdivia, Chile
  • Check out their website here 


The Piscola

  • A Chilean Classic and one that is approved by the locals
  • Refreshing and Easy Drinking
  • Coca Cola on the rocks with a spalsh of pisco, A perfect combination
  • You can spice it up a little with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime, Captain's Choice
  • Could possibly lead  to a late night discotech dance session in Chile, You have been warned


We hope to introduce you to these national staples on your trip to Chile and will be one of the many ways that we are going to show you the cultural experiences that Patagonia offers.  Feel free to check us out on our Social Media outlets on Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information on fishing Patagonia, Chile.  Follow us today!


5 Ways To Improve Your Dry Fly Fishing

5 Ways To Improve Your Dry Fly Experience In Patagonia

In Patagonia we are always trying to improve our dry fly game and here are 5 simple adjustments that you can make that will help you achieve dry fly success.

  • Over line your 6 weight fly rod with a 7 weight WF floating fly line.

The reason that we like to do this in Patagonia is that we fly fish on big rivers with some stiff winds with even larger terrestrial insects buzzing around and having the proper setup will maximize your fishing experience and time on the water enabling you to punch that cast through to that sipping brown trout on the bank.  Simple.  Overweight by one and be done!

  • Practice that reach cast.

I know, I know.  You have heard this one before but you will appreciate your hard work and practice when your guide turns to you and says holy sh!$.  There he is, cast, that's the biggest fish I have ever seen, and you deliver the goods and get the reward.  Brown trout of a lifetime.

  • Wait for it.

Timing is everything in dry fly fishing and nothing could be quite as tough as waiting to pull the trigger on a gator brown trout that rolls on your beetle pattern in slow motion.  Just let him eat it.  The key is to only set the hook once the fish has his mouth all the way around the fly and his nose has turned all the way down in the water column.  Now Set! Boom, just like in the video.

  • Peel the bark.

When we refer to peeling the bark in Patagonia we are referring to getting your dry fly as close to the downed trees and structure along the river bank as possible.  When we say peel the bark that means cast your dry fly as close as humanly possible to the structure or bank.  It is the difference between good and great and this simple adjustment in your tactical approach will put fish over 2 feet in your hands consistently in Patagonia.  Peel the bark and reap the rewards.

  • Set directly straight up to 12 o'clock, quick and firm.

We are so blessed to fish dry fly's ninety percent of the time in Patagonia and hook sets are one of the most important parts of your dry fly game.  Setting directly straight up quickly and firmly will produce laser quick hook ups with just the right amount of pressure not allowing you to break your tippet on the hookset.  Setting back further than 12 o'clock generally leads to lost fish and broken tippets, so tell yourself straight up to 12 o'clock quickly and firmly and this will improve your hook up ratio while dry fly fishing in Chile.

We think that these simple tips will improve your dry fly game by leaps and bounds and will bring you closer to that goal of reaching dry fly stardom.  Happy headhunting.

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