Yelcho Fishing Guide

Patagonia Rainbow Trout Tail Slapper. Catch N Release For Peace

Chilean Patagonia Rainbow Trout are some of the strongest and most acrobatic fish that we have ever seen in our travels.  They love to hunt Dragonflies.  Literally.  They are addicted to the candy like a kid at a candy store.  They love the groceries that are available to them on a daily basis.  They put shit eating grins on our clients faces and never seem to let up.  

At Patagonia Trout Adventures we believe and preach on the pulpit about catch and release because it matters!  We conserve, preserve, and educate by leading by example.  You would too if you saw a Rainbow Trout hunt and track down your dry fly and literally jump three feet out of the water after hooked.  It truly is jaw dropping and we always carry Depends Adult diapers for our clients in the boat that always seem to shit there pants after that first experience with a wild Patagonian Rainbow Trout.  We embrace the moment and high fives and baby wipes are the norm.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Catch N Release Creates More Peace

1.  Because your grandchildren will smile when they have Trophy Trout to catch.

2. Because you won't have to hear those stories about how the fishing used to be.  

3. You will have a great excuse to call in sick for work because you have to go for your therapy 

     session in Patagonia.  Creating Peace for Catch N Release.


We really enjoying sharing the concept with our tribe and are on the constant attack of why catch n release is the only way to go.  Go with the flow and your fly fishing days will be forever blessed on the water.  

Sharing is caring and the more we talk about it and spread the word the more that get's heard.  

Till then folks thanks for following along and always remember Catch N Release for Peace.

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