Patagonia Streamer Fishing

Patagonia Brown Trout Make Us Smile

We love brown trout at Patagonia Trout Adventures.  They make us smile for many reasons.  Here are 5 reasons why we love to chase them.

1.  They are the Boss of the River

2.  They are like the trash man.  Cleaning up the neighborhood on a daily basis

3.  They are on night patrol and never let anyone sleep soundly

4.  They are true hunters.  Just like my Montana Brothers

5.  They smell fear and attack it with a vengence


These are qualities of a true predator, whether it be fly fishing, life, or business.  We love there approach to life and we follow in there foot steps.  Thanks Mr. Brown Trout for the education.


For more information on how to chase the boss in Patagonia contact us at Patagonia Trout Adventures to set up your 2017 fly fishing expedition.

4 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia

4 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia

We love fly fishing streamers.  Drifting down a beautiful Chilean Patagonia river, pounding the banks with double articulated flashy and dancing bait fish imitations while watching territorial brown and rainbow trout smash down the goods is something every angler should experience at least once in their lifetime.  Today we are going to list four of our favorite streamer patterns for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile and hope that you use some of these patterns for your next streamer assault.  


Silvey's Sculpin

We really like the look and swim of this particular sculpin pattern and have enjoyed it's mesmerizing powers it displays on predatory trout.  Large predatory fish will chase this pattern down with reckless abandon and leave you smiling like a kid in a candy store.  

Galloup's Sex Dungeon

The sex dungeon has been a very productive pattern for us in Patagonia over the years and we have found many fish over the magic mark with this fly hanging out of their mouths.  We fish this fly from the bow of a boat pounding the banks and casting to every little nook and cranny that we can cast to.  


Swimming Jimmy

We really like the way that the swimming jimmy moves in the water and it's zig zag type swim when pulling the fly across the seam.   This fly is very lightweight and a breeze to throw which we think is one of it's best qualities when fishing for extended periods of time on the water.  Give it a go!

Rainbow Deceiver

The double rainbow deceiver is a deadly fly pattern for large predatory fish on our rivers in Patagonia and is one that should be in your fly box if you are serious about big fish.  We fish this fly tight to the bank and have the hunter's mentality of quality over quantity.  If the stars align and you are in the right place at the right time with this fly good things happen.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about some of our favorite streamers for hunting big brown trout in Patagonia, Chile.  You can also check out our social media outlets to learn more about how to go a guided fly fish trip to Patagonia, Chile.

3 Sinking Lines For Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Sinking Lines For Fly Fishing Patagonia

We fish a lot of sinking lines in Patagonia, Chile whether drifting from a boat and pounding the banks or working the bays and reed lines of a secret laguna, it is a great way to find some large Patagonian trout.  Today we are going to show you three of our favorite sinking lines that we like to bring with us when we go out for a day on the water.



This is one of our favorite fly lines from Rio fishing products that we really like to use while fishing from a boat and hammering the banks and log structure that is so awesome and fun to fish in Chile.  This line is just perfect for presenting the fly quickly and into the strike zone while also not having to long of a belly in the front taper, which causes tons of hangups and lost flies to the downed logs and structure that lines the river banks.  The shorter tip allows you to strip the fly over the logs by simply raising your rod tip and then dropping it back down allowing the fly to sink and then stripping it back to the boat.



Rio Density Compensated Sink Tip, 24 ft. 300 grains



We really like this line from Rio and we like to fish this line mostly on lakes and lagoons while fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile.  It has a really nice long 24 foot belly that really gets down in the strike zone and keeps it there which is so critical in lake fishing.  Keeping the fly in the strike zone is exactly what this line will do for you which equals more fish in the boat.  It takes some practice to throw this line as the front 24 feet of the taper is a bit of a workout after a few hours of slinging streamers like a mad man.


Jim Teeney Series Teeney T-200


We  really like the versatility of this line from Jim Teeney and is one of our most versatile sinking lines that we have in our bag of tricks.  This line works very well for river or lake situations and has a very nice taper that is very easy to cast and is a hallmark design of the Teeney series of fly lines.  We like the 200 grain series lines for their ease of casting and their versatility.  


We hope you have learned some new tricks on how to increase your odds with these three sinking lines and hope that you can put a few fish in your net because of it.  You can also follow us at our Social Media outlets on Facebook and Instagram for more information on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.