Patagonia Beer

3 of Patagonia's Best Breweries

3 of Patagonia's Best Breweries

At Patagonia Trout Adventures we like to enjoy a cold beverage after a great day on the river and what better way to celebrate than by supporting the local breweries and hard working families of Chile.  Chile produces some of the finest hand crafted German influenced style craft beers and have been known to impress even the most seasoned beer experts.  So let us introduce you to three of our favorite Chilean breweries.


Austral Brewery-Punta Arenas, Chile

The history of beer in Chile began in this inhospitable region. In the late 1800s, Punta Arenas was a very small village with a promising future, where the families that would transform the city into a commercial pole were already established.

In 1896, José Fischer, a German brewmaster arrived in Patagonia and settled down there with the idea of making this beverage based on malted barley, for the colonists. Thus, the southernmost beer in the world was created, and Fischer gave it the name of Patagona. As it had an excellent quality, it soon became popular all round the region.

By 1916, Fisher's undertaking was already offering 6 varieties of beer and, in 1961, it was a very interesting business for the Chadwick family, who purchased it from the Fishers to merge it with their company, Malterías Unidas. In the late ’90s, Malterías became a partner to trade and distribute its trademark Austral all through the country.

The legendary Patagonia beer today is known as Austral, with its green label or can. Its name was changed but not its location, as the brewery still remains in the same site where it was founded 110 years ago.


Kuntsmann Brewery-Valdivia, Chile

The history of the Kuntsmann Brewery dates back to 1516, when William IV , Duke of Bavaria, issued a purity law which stated that all Kuntsmann beer be brewed from only 4 essential ingredients ; water, malted barley , hops and yeast.

The first German settlers arrived in Valdivia in 1850 , and brought with them knowledge of how to brew beer, expanding in the city and in Chile. 

In the 90s, Armin Kunstmann and his family decided to make their own beer, with the desire to regain the lost Valdiviana brewing tradition with the earthquake. Initially, Armin Kunstmann beer began as a hobby at home, with the help of their family and closest friends. However, the Kunstmann family left behind their small production space in 1997 and motivated by his inner circle, Armin Kunstmann ventured into building a microbrewery, the Brewery Company Valdivia Ltda, overlooking the process, located in the sector Torobayo, Fog way.  The strategic vision of Armin Kunstmann, placed the brewery next to the best waters of Valdivia, one of the most tranquil and clear rivers in the world, coupled with ingredients that have became a hallmark in each one of their beers with features that respect the rule of the Purity Act.


Kross Brewery-Curacavi, Chile

In 2005 we opened our own brew house called: The Brewery.  We chose to build our brewery in Curacaví, Chile.   We chose this area most importantly for the quality of the water. Under the brewery there is a groundwater table from which we extract the water to make our beers.

The brewery has been changing over time, thanks to all of you who have had to enlarge more than once while implementing more technology to have the best possible beer and remain faithful to our style. We currently have a monthly production capacity of 250,000 liters.  We have a team of 26 people working in differerent parts of the brewery.  

Kross beers are made with 100% natural ingredients, and do not use preservatives or additives. Each bottle and barrel that leaves our brewery has more hops and malt industrial and we'll take the time to ripen. The ingredients we use are domestic and imported to ensure that the beer is in your glass is the best.  This is when we detail every step of a beer:


We love to enjoy good locally crafted beer and we love to support local business.  We hope that you have found out a little more about the great brewers of Chile and hope that you will put one of these vendors at the top of your list of beers to try while fly fishing with us at Patagonia Trout Adventures.  You can also follow us at our Social Media outlets on Facebook and Instagram.