Keep It Clean

Patagonia, Chile Sustainability and Awareness For Our Rivers

The season in Patagonia, Chile has begun!!!  We are so excited to show our guests this season what Patagonia fly fishing is all about and are chomping at the bit on the arrival of our first guests of the season. 

Some of our most important goals this season is not only to show our guests the best fly fishing but also to bring awareness to the sustainability of one of the last great dry fly fisheries in the world.

Patagonia, Chile in the last few seasons has seen an increase in water born diseases being spread by traveling international fly fishermen and we want to be the first to say that this is a serious problem and we want to stop this dead in it's tracks.  We do not like to sugar coat or pretend like it isn't there.  Some other fly fishing operators in Patagonia, Chile choose to turn there head and look the other way in order to not lose profit margins.  We at P.T.A. are not those individuals.  We believe in cold, clean water and wish to bring awareness to this issue.

As a fly fisherman we as individuals have taken on a special code or for a better description a stewardship for our rivers.  A gate keeper if you will.  It is our responsibility to share information about how we can protect and prevent our cold water fisheries and how we can prevent the spread of water born diseases.  

One of the most important things that we can do as travelling anglers is to effectively clean and wash our wading gear before we ever leave our home country.  I will describe one of the most efficient and effective ways that we can clean our gear in the next few paragraphs and we encourage you to follow these simple steps in order to preserve our fisheries that we all cherish so dearly.  

We want to also show you the most effective ways to clean your gear with the most organic and natural solutions in order to not contaminate our water ways with more chemical based compounds such as bleach or any other type of harmful solutions.  In the end all of the solutions go back in to our water sources and totally negate everything we are standing up for in our sustainability and awareness of clean water.

Here is our favorite organic recipe for cleaning and disinfecting your gear.  

Salt by far is the most effective and natural way to clean all of your wading gear and we firmly believe in this recipe.  Do not use bleach, 409, or any other type of chemically produced products to clean your wading gear.  They are just as harmful to our environment and you might as well be dumping chemicals into your favorite river.  Use your natural resources.  Mother Nature thanks you!  Keep it Clean folks.

Salt               5% Solution

2 cups per 2.5 gallon water OR 1 pound per 5 gallons of water

Greater than 1 Hour for felt non-metallic items

Drying  greater than 48 hours for all gear

5% Salt Solution Felt soled boots will have to soak at least 1 Hour or more. 2 cups of salt per 2.5 gallons water OR 1 pound of salt for 5 gallons of water will be used.

All gear must be rinsed with warm tap water after soaking.

Rock salt, water softener salt, or regular salt are all great choices to use in this organic cleaning solution.  


We hope that you will consider this type of cleaning system for any river system that you travel to and we at Patagonia Trout Adventures have a strict policy on the inspection and decontamination of our guests wading boots.  

At the lodge we have a complete washing station complete with all the necessary items to decontaminate any and all types of fly fishing gear to be used while in Patagonia.  We strongly urge you to do this before coming down but if you do not have the time we will gladly assist you with this process.

We thank you for reading about our concepts and beliefs on sustaining our cold clean waters of the Patagonia.  Until next time, keep it clean.