Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia 


3 Top Streamers For Chilean Patagonia Trout

Here at Patagonia Trout Adventures we love throwing streamers.  It is one of our favorite things to do while fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile and is at the top of our list for guests to enjoy.  This is one of our favorite tactics when we are searching out the biggest fish in the river.  The One.

 The one that you have came for eats streamers and you had better start practicing your streamer game or you could end up with a sore noggin and a bruised ego.  Our guides are well trained in trophy trout hunting techniques and will put you over plenty of opportunistic fish and can teach you the proper techniques to present the fly to fool that trout of a lifetime.  

We take great pride in educating our anglers and technique and proper presentation are the focal points of our streamer instruction.  We have put together three of our top streamers for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile and we hope that one of these flies will put that trophy trout of a lifetime in your hands.  Until then start practicing your cast and stripping technique and be ready for the shadow of the one.



The sculpzilla is a great pattern to fish as it is an articulated fly that imitates sculpins and large baitfish, has great movement in the water, and is heavily weighted in the head which gives it a jigging like action that makes it irresistible to predatory fish.  We like to fish the sculpzilla in an array of colors but we think the top 3 color choices are olive, black, and tan.  



 The fly was designed specifically for Chile fly fishing and is a fish catching machine.  It has all the components that a fish in Chile looks for.  A gold bead, black marabou, white rubber legs for plenty of movement, black crystal chenille for that irresistible shimmer, and a palmered webby grizzly hackle fiber.  You can fish this fly all across Chile and Argentina and fishes also quite well on the streams of South Western Montana.  Fish it and reap the rewards of the Chile Bugger!



This fly is one of the deadliest flies to hit the Patagonia trout scene in the last ten years and has been invading homes of big brown trout the world over.  We like to fish this fly in a few colors and our favorites are natural/tan, black/purple, white/tan, and olive.  


We hope that we have been able to show you a few of the best streamers for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile and hope that you can use these streamers to fool a few trout on your home river.  You can also follow us at for more info., tips, and tricks on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.

3 Top Dry Fly's For Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Top Dry Fly's For Fly Fishing Patagonia

One of the questions we get asked most often by our guests is what fly's should I bring to Patagonia, Chile.  That is a great question and one that we would like to provide for you to increase your chances of hooking that dream Patagonian Trout of a lifetime.

Beetles, Mouse Patterns, and Large Foam Attractors should be at the top of the list and these particular flies seem to put the biggest and baddest trout in the net for us day in and day out for our guests.   Sounds like a fairy tale to most but in Patagonia, Chile this is simply the groceries that these magnificent creatures prefer to eat.  So why not feed them a drowned rat or a monster size beetle imitation.  IT Will Blow Your Mind!!

Here are 3 of our favorite patterns that will put fish over 2 feet in your hands consistently.  Take note and be rewarded with Monster Patagonia Trout.

  1.  The Gypsy King-A pattern designed by one of the most innovative and creative fly fishermen in Patagonia, Rance Rathie, owner of Patagonia River Guides in Argentina.  This pattern is a perfect imitation of a Cantaria Beetle and also works well as a cross over pattern for Dragonfly's.  Dead drifted, Popped, Or Stripped this fly is awesome!

  2. The Morrish Mouse-A fly that has proven itself the world over and continues to produce quality fish that leave memories engrained for a lifetime.  This pattern was developed by Ken Morrish and has been a staple in Alaska, Kamchatka, and Patagonia for many years and will continue to do so.

  3. The Chubby Chernobyl-Who doesn't like to fish the chubby.  This fly is a guide's favorite the world over and has a cult like following and we are part of the tribe.  It is such a great fly for it's float ability in rough waters and can be tied to imitate just about any type of large terrestrial.  It floats like a cork, will float a large weighted nymph and is very easy to see.  


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about some of our top dry flies here in Chile and invite you to try one of these patterns out the next time you are on stream.  These flies are tried and true and I guarantee will put a smile on your face while on your next journey to Patagonia, Chile.

You can contact us at anytime at anytime at to talk about organizing your next dream trip to Patagonia, Chile.

Till then, Catch N Release 4 Peace


Chilean Patagonia Rainbows Being Released Daily. Catch N Release 4 Peace

Chilean Rainbows are some of the hardest fighting fish that we have ever had the pleasure of doing battle with.  They are a work of art and each and every specimen is unique.  These fish are a testament to what cold, clean water fisheries can produce.

Our vision to protect these wonderful fish is very simple.  Educate the masses, lead by example, and smile as that Rainbow swims to live another day.  With each and every person that we can inspire that, is one more fish that will spawn and make more of these fantastic Chilean Rainbows.  

If catching fat trout on dry flies in the Andean Summers is what you dream about, then spreading the word is your duty as an angler.  Share, Inspire, and I promise others will follow in your footsteps.  It is a wonderful feeling to show someone how Catch N Release fishing will only enhance their experience on stream and the good karma that you produce for yourself is also worth it's weight in gold.  It's funny how many more big fish you will find in your nets just from being an honest, conservation minded angler.  Catch N Release 4 Peace and watch your basket fill up with monsters of the stream.

Thanks for following along on our journey to educate the fishing community about Catch N Release 4 Peace.  We hope that you find inspiration in our writings and share with at least one angler on stream the positive effects of letting em go.

Until next time, keep on releasing and we will keep on preaching.

Check out our website at for information on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.

Sending One Back Home To Patagonia. Catch N Release 4 Peace

Sending another beautiful Rainbow Trout back home in Patagonia makes us so thankful for the fisheries that we have at our fingertips here in Chile.  They are some of the most consistent and abundant dry fly fisheries left on our planet and sharing them with you is our dream come true.  

We are in the business of promoting cold clean water and introducing others to the life changing sport of catch and release fly fishing.  These core values are at the heart of Patagonia Trout Adventures and are what drives us into the future.

In fact with out cold clean water and pristine fisheries there is no future. That is why we believe so much in educating our youth and promoting Catch N Release 4 Peace.

We are on the band wagon and would love for you to hop on too!!

Here are 3 Things That Cold, Clean, Water can do for your soul

  1. Rejuvenate.  Let that cold clean water run underneath those feet.
  2. Inspire.  With out cold clean water we would not have the epic travel experiences that entail on chasing down big trout in clear water.
  3. Educate.  Cold, Clean, Water helps us pass on the fire to our youth.  Our future generations depend on it.  Protect and Conserve and fill your soul with happiness.

We love sharing our thoughts on catch and release and really hope that your soul is enriched by wading in cold, clean, water.  It is a true privilege and one that should never be taken for granted.  With out enforcement and education the rivers are at the mercy of man.  And we all know what that is all about.  So please pass this on to a friend or tell someone about Catch N Release 4 Peace and you just might inspire someone else to join the tribe.

Thanks for following along.  Visit us at to learn more about fly fishing in cold clean water in Patagonia, Chile.

4 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia

4 Top Streamers For Fly Fishing Patagonia

We love fly fishing streamers.  Drifting down a beautiful Chilean Patagonia river, pounding the banks with double articulated flashy and dancing bait fish imitations while watching territorial brown and rainbow trout smash down the goods is something every angler should experience at least once in their lifetime.  Today we are going to list four of our favorite streamer patterns for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile and hope that you use some of these patterns for your next streamer assault.  


Silvey's Sculpin

We really like the look and swim of this particular sculpin pattern and have enjoyed it's mesmerizing powers it displays on predatory trout.  Large predatory fish will chase this pattern down with reckless abandon and leave you smiling like a kid in a candy store.  

Galloup's Sex Dungeon

The sex dungeon has been a very productive pattern for us in Patagonia over the years and we have found many fish over the magic mark with this fly hanging out of their mouths.  We fish this fly from the bow of a boat pounding the banks and casting to every little nook and cranny that we can cast to.  


Swimming Jimmy

We really like the way that the swimming jimmy moves in the water and it's zig zag type swim when pulling the fly across the seam.   This fly is very lightweight and a breeze to throw which we think is one of it's best qualities when fishing for extended periods of time on the water.  Give it a go!

Rainbow Deceiver

The double rainbow deceiver is a deadly fly pattern for large predatory fish on our rivers in Patagonia and is one that should be in your fly box if you are serious about big fish.  We fish this fly tight to the bank and have the hunter's mentality of quality over quantity.  If the stars align and you are in the right place at the right time with this fly good things happen.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about some of our favorite streamers for hunting big brown trout in Patagonia, Chile.  You can also check out our social media outlets to learn more about how to go a guided fly fish trip to Patagonia, Chile.

3 Top Beetle Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Top Beetle Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia


One of our favorite tactics in Patagonia, Chile is to employ the dry fly.  It is without a doubt our favorite way of catching a trout and is at the heart and soul of our sport.  We fly fish a lot of different types of foam terrestrial patterns in all shapes, sizes, and colors and there are times when going with a smaller less obtrusive pattern can be the answer for success when casting over big wary trout in sight fishing scenarios.  We are going to share with you three smaller beetle patterns that we really like and hope that you can use these patterns for fooling some of your local residents.


The Longhorn Beetle


The longhorn beetle is a great foam beetle pattern that floats like a cork, is easy to see, and is a fish catching machine.  We like to throw this fly when fish are keyed in to smaller beetles and we generally will see this type of activity on our lakes and river back eddy's in Patagonia.  This fly will fool most any fish keyed into terrestrial beetles and will surely win it's way into your fly box.


The Fire Beetle

Oh how we love the fire beetle.  We fish this fly in sizes 12-18 and is a proven beetle pattern for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.  We find this fly very useful for the fact that it floats very well in heavy hydraulic back eddy's and has a high vis yellow post that makes it easy to find on the water.  The small rubber legs and red ice dubbing make the fly really pop and the fish agree also.  So give the fire beetle a go the next time you find yourself fishing a terrestrial hatch.


Jake's Gulp Beetle

Jake's Gulp Beetle is a great beetle pattern and one we reach for often when fishing smaller terrestrial beetle hatches in Chile.  This pattern is very simple but the things we like about it are the profile, the irresistible rubberlegs, and that it rides half in and half out of the water.  It is a very natural looking pattern in the water and fools all but the wariest of trout.  


We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the flies that find our anglers with bent rods and big smiles while fly fishing with Patagonia Trout Adventures in Patagonia, Chile and hope that one of these patterns finds a home in your fly box too.  You can also follow us on our Social Media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to learn more about fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.  Thanks for reading.





3 Top Mouse Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia Chile

3 Top Mouse Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia Chile

One of our favorite tactics for targeting bigger brown and rainbow trout in Patagonia, Chile is by skating a mouse.  There is nothing that is more exciting than watching a big two foot brown come off the bank and inhale your mouse fly off of the surface.  This is one of the best takes in fly fishing and should be at the top of your list of things to accomplish.  Our favorite patterns are fly's that have three very important qualities.  Profile, Lot's of Foam, and sharp trout sized hooks.  We have put together three of our favorites and hope that you give them a go the next time you reach for a mouse pattern.


The Morrish Mouse


The Morrish Mouse is undoubtedly one of the all time top producing mouse fly's in the world.  This fly was invented by Ken Morrish from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.A.  and has been terrorizing large trout every since it hit the fly bins.  We really like this fly for it's natural looking profile but the overall maximum floatability and the minimal maintenance on the water are the reasons that we think that you will really like this fly.  


Mr. Hankey Mouse


Oh Mr. Hankey.  How we love thee.  You always float.  Zero maintenance. You chug like a college beer drinking champion and you always seem to catch big fish.  This fly was invented by Jeff Hickman on the  Kanektok River in Alaska and has proven it's fish catching ability the world over.  You will quickly fall in love with this pattern and will prove it's worthiness in your lineup.


The Darth Skater Mouse


The Darth Skater is a another great pattern from the vise of fellow friend and pioneer Bill Marts who developed this fly for fishing in Alaska for big surface feeding rainbows.  I was with Bill on his first initial trials of the fly in Alaska and the fish responded with reckless abandon to his patterns and from that day forward they have become a staple in our fly box.  The creativity and thought that went into this mouse tube fly is ingenious.  

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our favorite mouse flies for fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.  You can also follow us on our social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for more information on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.