Cooking in Patagonia

Cooking Riverside With The Disco In Patagonia.




What is a disco and how do you prepare it?

A disco is a round metal cylindrical shaped cooking disc with three legs underneath it that suspend the disco about 18" inches above the hot coals of a well built fire.  It is a very commonly used item in Patagonia and is something that you will experience while fly fishing with Patagonia Trout Adventures.  

The disco has deep roots in Patagonia and has been used by the pioneers and first settlers of the harsh environments of Southern Chile.  The disco gets it's name from the hubcap off of an old tractor.  You know the hubcap on the front end of a small tractor that is generally around 20" inches.  The farmers used to use the old hubcaps off the tractors as a source for cooking their meals.  It was an efficient and fantastic way to cook a lot of food at one time and prepare delicious campfire fare quickly.  The tradition caught on quickly with the locals and is a very commonly used item in popular restaurants today.  


How do you prepare a disco?

First, you have to start out by building a very hot fire for at least 10-15 minutes.  Let the wood burn down to red hot coals and now you are looking good to start the disco.  Next place the disco over the hot coals and next grease the entire pan with 1 cup of Olive Oil and let the pan and oil heat up for a minute or two but be careful not to burn the oil.  Tastes awful.  Next come the ingredients of the dish.  The ingredients are listed below.

  • Chopped White Onion: Sliced
  • Red, Green, and Yellow Bell Pepper, Sliced
  • Aji Pepper, Sliced
  • Sliced and Cubed Top Sirloin
  • Cubed Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Chilean Mini Sausages
  • Large Portion White Rice
  • Red Wine
  • Favorite Spices
  • Large Stirring Utensil

Putting the dish together

So first you start out by adding the onions, crisp them up a bit for a minute or two and add spice, next take your onions and spread them on the outside edge of the disco exposing the center, now take your sliced assortment of peppers and place them in the center of the disco, crisp the bell peppers and add the magic spice, now mix the onion with peppers and again distribute on the outside edge of the disco, next comes the aji pepper and the chicken breast, again cooking for a few minutes, then mixing and distributing on the edge, next the sirloin, sausages and a splash of red wine, cook the sirloin all the way through and when it's done you know it's ready to be finished.  The last part of the dish is the white rice.  You want to use a generous portion here as this is what brings the entire dish together.  Finish heating the rice and then stir all the ingredients together and simmer for another minute or two and you are all set.  Take the disco off with a pair of gloves and prepare to enjoy a classic Chilean disco.  

We love cooking with the disco while on our overnight trips in Patagonia and makes for a great meal and highlight of a trip with Patagonia Trout Adventures.  You can learn more about Patagonia by visiting our Social Media outlets on Facebook and Instagram.  Thanks for reading.