Chilean Brown Trout

Smile. Because Every Day In Patagonia, Chile Is A Gift!

We Love To Smile.  It's so easy to do.  It's contagious and breathes life into your soul.  Just look around you and see those that are smiling.  They influence, inspire, and create warmth when you are around them.  

In Patagonia we always carry a big grin and it's not hard to do when the landscape, crystal clear rivers, and monster trout are with in driving distance.  We love to share those magical moments with our guests and we do that every single day when we are on the water or off.  It is a trait that comes so natural to those that see the glass as half full.  There is always the positive outlook and we at Patagonia Trout Adventures are over the top about looking at the big picture and seeing the positive light rather than the negative.

In Patagonia, Chile we are blessed with numerous and still completely undiscovered water sheds.  This is another reason to smile as every single fly fisher dreams about being the first one to fly fish a secret creek or river.  It is the adventurer in our soul as fisherman and we love to inspire those around us to dream big.  

Dream big and goods thing will happen.  You only have to believe in your pursuit and make sure that you are smiling along the way.  No one likes to hang out with a negative nancy.  So I encourage you to surround yourself with the positive, exclude the negative, and good things will happen.  

Thanks for following along on our journey and we hope that you find a time to smile today and make someone else around you feel your good vibes.  Until then keep smiling.  

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Until then, Catch N Release 4 Peace and Keep It Clean Patagonia!


German Brown Trout On The Release in Patagonia. Catch N Release 4 Peace

Brown Trout.  They are the pinnacle of trout fishing and they are our favorite fish to target in the river.  Of course we love all of our hard fighting trout but the brownie is the one that haunts our dreams at night and are always in search of the one.  The best way to get one of these giants takes time.  The pursuit of such a species is an absolute addiction and we have got it really bad.  

Thankfully here in Patagonia we have an overabundance of above average size brown trout.  They are true predators here in Southern Chile and are at the top of the food chain.  Thankfully we do not have any large birds of prey like our rivers in Montana and what that means for our anglers is that these fish will expose themselves in the shallowest of water.

 They do not have to hold in deep slots during the day as they have no other predators to contend with from upstairs which gives them the confidence to attack a stripped streamer or mouse fly on the surface in the brightest conditions.  This is one of the things that makes fishing in Patagonia, Chile so special and is one that we do not take for granted.  We simply capitalize on the opportunity and consistently bring fish in over 24" on a daily basis.  Not to say that every fish that you catch in Patagonia is over 6 pounds but your opportunities at such a fish are given to you multiple times throughout a day of fishing in Chilean Patagonia.

 Hopefully you don't wet the bed when the big one decides to crush your fly.  Remember, strip set and then lift.  No trout sets here Larry, or you have to listen to your fellow buddies give you shit all day about that crappy hook set and the one that got away.

We are going to give you 3 tips on improving your catch rate for donkey size brown trout.

  1. Strip Set, Strip Set, Strip Set!!  Enough Said.
  2. Don't Stop Stripping!  Keep pulling all the way to the boat and figure 8 his ass if you run out of line!
  3. Put the wood to em and don't let him break you off in the logs.  We would rather see you die trying rather than letting that fish of a lifetime school you in the structure.

We hope these tips on fighting trophy brown trout help you land the fish of a lifetime, and always, Catch N Release 4 Peace.  Because that brown trout does matter and we want to see those genes carried on to the next generation of a predator.

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Until then thanks for following along.