Smile. Because Every Day In Patagonia, Chile Is A Gift!

We Love To Smile.  It's so easy to do.  It's contagious and breathes life into your soul.  Just look around you and see those that are smiling.  They influence, inspire, and create warmth when you are around them.  

In Patagonia we always carry a big grin and it's not hard to do when the landscape, crystal clear rivers, and monster trout are with in driving distance.  We love to share those magical moments with our guests and we do that every single day when we are on the water or off.  It is a trait that comes so natural to those that see the glass as half full.  There is always the positive outlook and we at Patagonia Trout Adventures are over the top about looking at the big picture and seeing the positive light rather than the negative.

In Patagonia, Chile we are blessed with numerous and still completely undiscovered water sheds.  This is another reason to smile as every single fly fisher dreams about being the first one to fly fish a secret creek or river.  It is the adventurer in our soul as fisherman and we love to inspire those around us to dream big.  

Dream big and goods thing will happen.  You only have to believe in your pursuit and make sure that you are smiling along the way.  No one likes to hang out with a negative nancy.  So I encourage you to surround yourself with the positive, exclude the negative, and good things will happen.  

Thanks for following along on our journey and we hope that you find a time to smile today and make someone else around you feel your good vibes.  Until then keep smiling.  

Check out our website at to sign up for your dream fly fishing trip.  Smiles come at no extra charge and we promise we will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Until then, Catch N Release 4 Peace and Keep It Clean Patagonia!


Sending One Back Home To Patagonia. Catch N Release 4 Peace

Sending another beautiful Rainbow Trout back home in Patagonia makes us so thankful for the fisheries that we have at our fingertips here in Chile.  They are some of the most consistent and abundant dry fly fisheries left on our planet and sharing them with you is our dream come true.  

We are in the business of promoting cold clean water and introducing others to the life changing sport of catch and release fly fishing.  These core values are at the heart of Patagonia Trout Adventures and are what drives us into the future.

In fact with out cold clean water and pristine fisheries there is no future. That is why we believe so much in educating our youth and promoting Catch N Release 4 Peace.

We are on the band wagon and would love for you to hop on too!!

Here are 3 Things That Cold, Clean, Water can do for your soul

  1. Rejuvenate.  Let that cold clean water run underneath those feet.
  2. Inspire.  With out cold clean water we would not have the epic travel experiences that entail on chasing down big trout in clear water.
  3. Educate.  Cold, Clean, Water helps us pass on the fire to our youth.  Our future generations depend on it.  Protect and Conserve and fill your soul with happiness.

We love sharing our thoughts on catch and release and really hope that your soul is enriched by wading in cold, clean, water.  It is a true privilege and one that should never be taken for granted.  With out enforcement and education the rivers are at the mercy of man.  And we all know what that is all about.  So please pass this on to a friend or tell someone about Catch N Release 4 Peace and you just might inspire someone else to join the tribe.

Thanks for following along.  Visit us at to learn more about fly fishing in cold clean water in Patagonia, Chile.