Patagonia Brown Trout Make Us Smile

We love brown trout at Patagonia Trout Adventures.  They make us smile for many reasons.  Here are 5 reasons why we love to chase them.

1.  They are the Boss of the River

2.  They are like the trash man.  Cleaning up the neighborhood on a daily basis

3.  They are on night patrol and never let anyone sleep soundly

4.  They are true hunters.  Just like my Montana Brothers

5.  They smell fear and attack it with a vengence


These are qualities of a true predator, whether it be fly fishing, life, or business.  We love there approach to life and we follow in there foot steps.  Thanks Mr. Brown Trout for the education.


For more information on how to chase the boss in Patagonia contact us at Patagonia Trout Adventures to set up your 2017 fly fishing expedition.

Welcome To Our New Patagonia Fly Fishing Website and Blog

Welcome to the new website and blog of Patagonia Trout Adventures!  We are very excited to show you around our website and introduce to you to our diverse fly fishing programs.  Our list of rivers, lakes, creeks, and lagoons are endless and the dry fly fishing that we have in our area is outstanding.  We invite you to check out our different options and explore our pages as we have lot's of great information for you to browse while dreaming of casting a size four dry fly to a free rising Patagonian trout.  Our aim on this very blog is to give you tips, tricks, and the overall experiences that you will have while on your trip to Patagonia.  We want to introduce to you the culture, history, flora and fauna and share with you why Patagonia has been regarded as one of the best places to fly fish in the world.  This resource will be great for you to follow along with and will be a great place to day dream about your next trip to Chile.

We also want to invite you to follow along on our social media outlets.  We are very active on Facebook and Instagram and love sharing information about fly fishing Patagonia, Chile with our followers.  Follow us today!