Trout Nymphs Patagonia

5 Top Trout Nymphs For Fly Fishing Patagonia, Chile

5 Top Trout Nymphs For Fly Fishing Patagonia, Chile


We fish a variety of nymphs at Patagonia Trout Adventures when the moment presents itself and we are fully armed with an assortment of bead head and non bead head nymphs at all times.  We fish these flies under a dry fly on most occasions in Chile but we also will fish these flies deep with split shot and an indicator for really getting down deep in the strike zone.  We are going to share 5 trout nymphs that have been productive for us and hope that these flies will find you tight to a few as well.


The Bead Head Prince Size 12-14

The prince nymph is a great fly and is one of our top producing flies year in and year out.  The prince nymph is a creation by Doug Prince and he came up with this great fly in the 1930's.  This fly has been producing trout and filling up smiling anglers nets for years and will continue to do so with it's mesmerizing powers.  We feel that this fly best imitates smaller stonefly nymphs in Patagonia.  Use this fly on smaller rivers or behind a big streamer in a lake or lagoon and reap the rewards.


Gold Bead Copper John, Size 14-18



The copper john is a fish catching machine in Chile and is always a fly that we have in the arsenal.  This fly comes in an array of colors and I am convinced that all of them work.  Their realistic mayfly profile is undeniable and the trout love to eat this tiny trout snack throughout the year in Patagonia.  We personally like to fish green, black, red, copper, blue, chartreuse, yellow, pink, purple, and any other color combination that you can come up with.  That is how much we believe in the fly.  


The Montana Prince Nymph, Size 12-14


This is a steady producer for us throughout the season and is just a tricked out version of a prince nymph with double wire, two tone rubber legs, peacock herl, and black biots what's not to like about this fly.  We like fishing this fly during the heat of the summer and into the fall as it steadily produces results and has accounted for it's fair share of large trout.


 Jig CDC Soft Hackle Flash Back Pheasant Tail, Size 12-14

This is a great all around mayfly attractor fly that has been very productive for us and we really like the added fish catching mojo of the jigged hook, tungsten bead, and cdc soft hackle feather.  It is a great twist on an already proven pattern and is another one of our favorites at Patagonia Trout Adventures.


The Brassie, Size 16-22

The brassie works very well on very selective and larger fish in Patagonia.  We like this fly for it's simplicity but also for it's ability to sink below the surface film quickly because of the heavy wire body.  We fish this fly during intense midge hatches on rives, lakes, and lagoons and has proven it's worthiness in the fly box more times than I can count.


We hope you have learned a few new patterns and can rotate a few of these patterns into your fly box.  You can also follow us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile with Patagonia Trout Adventures.  Thanks for reading.