3 Top Ant Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia

3 Top Ant Patterns For Fly Fishing Patagonia

The flying ant hatches that we have in Patagonia are amazing.  The smoke stack formations that line the river bank during the fall are staggering and when you run into this hatch every fish in the river will be looking for a dead drifted ant and can put some very large fish in your hands during this time period.  So you had be prepared with a good selection of parachute ants in sizes #14-#20.  We like all black, black/red combo, and sparkle ants as they seem to receive the most attention from our Patagonia free rising trout.  We are going to list three of our favorite ant patterns for Patagonia and hope that these patterns will help put a few more fish in your hands.


Black Parachute Ant

Hard to beat the good old black parachute ant.  This fly has been responsible for more fish that I can remember in my net and is a great all around representation of a flying ant.  It's very easy to see with the big white post and displays a perfect profile of a spent ant in the water column.  We like to fish these in sizes #14-#20.  


Two Tone Parachute Ant

The two tone parachute ant is another great pattern and should be a staple in your dry fly box for fishing Patagonia.  We like the subtle difference in this fly with the two contrasting colors and the high vis parachute post, it is just a bit different and sometimes is the answer when the fish have become a bit wise to the black ant.


Sparkle Ants

We like to fish the sparkle ant over very opportunistic fish that seem to hooked on flashy is better.  We generally will throw a double dry set up with the sparkle ant and have the larger sparkle ant as our lead fly or attractor and then we will tie on something like a small #18 black parachute ant as a more exact imitation to fool some of those wary trout.  We love this system and has been  highly productive while fishing over flying ant hatches in Patagonia.


We hope you have gained a little insight and knowledge on ant patterns in Patagonia and we hope that you can use this knowledge on some of your home waters as well.  You can also follow us at our Social Media outlets on Facebook and Instagram for more information, tips, and tricks on fly fishing Patagonia, Chile.