Patagonia's Cantauria Beetle

Patagonia's Cantauria Beetle

Fishing The Cantauria Beetle

We have all kinds of really large terrestrial insects in Patagonia and they provide the groceries for our free rising terrestrial loving trout.  But our favorite beetle that we love at Patagonia Trout Adventures is our Cantauria Beetle.  It is one of the biggest, baddest, and largest terrestrial insects that are found in South America and is a joy to throw a size 4 dry fly to the bank all day as you watch trout after trout come and smash your beetle pattern right off the surface.  We are spoiled rotten in Patagonia and throwing this fly on 2X is a pretty standard call insuring you won't lose that trophy brown trout to the logs.

We generally start to see our first flight of Cantauria Beetles in the end of January and they do not stop until the end of March.  This is one of the most insane hatches that I have ever seen and the sheer size and numbers of beetles during this mating time period is staggering.  It would be the equivalent of throwing a Salmonfly in June in Montana, except instead of a week or two of throwing the big bug we get almost six weeks of non stop beetle action and our trout become hypnotized by the beetle juice.  Magic!

One of the crazy kickers to this hatch is that the male Cantauria beetle's only hatch every other year which means that the amount of beetles will vary from year to year, but the consistency of fishing the beetle will always be productive, as our trout do not forget the size and taste of this tasty trout snack.  Now, there are always female Cantauria beetles that hatch every year and provide a consistent diet to our trout, so therefore no matter when you come there will always be some Cantauria Beetle action for you to enjoy.  Got Beetle?

At Patagonia Trout Adventures we have several different hand tied creations that we will have available for your use but we also recommend picking up a few store bought bugs to bring on your trip just to have a little variety.  Here are three flies that you can find at your local fly shop or online that imitate the Cantauria beetle very well and are proven patterns in Patagonia..


Our Top Three Cantauria Beetles


  • Grillo's Cantauria Beetle Size 2

  • Gypsy King Size 4

  • Peacock Royal Chubby Chernobyl Size 4


Cantauria Beetles are one of the coolest bugs on our planet for trout and we hope that this article has helped to provide a little insight into the Cantauria fly fishing opportunities in Patagonia, Chile.

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