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We truly love Patagonia, Chile

and helping you execute your Patagonia fly fishing adventure is what we do best.

Patagonia Trout Adventures is a unique fly fishing guide service located in Patagonia, Chile that provides warm, casual, and comfortable upscale lodging accommodations with lake side, glacier capped Andean mountain views, an experienced, safety oriented guide staff, and a trained culinary regional Chef from (INACAP) (Culinary Arts Academy of Chile) that serves delicious authentic, regionally sourced, Chilean gastronomy throughout your stay. 

Guests of Patagonia Trout Adventures (PTA) will enjoy a top notch fly fishing program with access to two of the most productive regions of Patagonia, Chile.  The Los Lagos and Aysen regions.  These two regions provide unlimited access to over twelve different rivers, three lakes, and countless secret lagoons that harbor wild Patagonian rainbow, brown, and brook trout assuring our guests one of the most diverse and varied fishing options in Patagonia, Chile.  Each trip is customized to our anglers desires, wants, and needs and you will have the option to build your dream fishing trip from as long as one to four weeks.  We will work directly with you in this process and will execute and customize each trip for our guests itineraries. 

Another great service that you will enjoy is your own personal room with en suite bathroom to provide you with the privacy you deserve as our valued guest.  Guests of PTA will enjoy the layout of our warm and inviting facility that we have chosen and will appreciate the dramatic breathtaking lake views, fully stocked bar, and the relaxing atmosphere that the lodge provides after a long day of world class fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile. 

At Patagonia Trout Adventures our philosophy on fly fishing is very simple. It is to provide our anglers with an incredible selection of rivers and lakes with the most well seasoned fly fishing guides during the heart of Patagonia's best fly fishing season.  Just how it should be.  Guests of PTA will enjoy the wide variety of fly fishing scenarios they will find themselves in, as our diversity of water is incredible.  From floating and casting giant dry fly's to wild rainbow, brown, and brook trout on one of our river float trips, to walk and wade fishing a secret creek, or how about throwing streamers on one of our privately leased lagoons searching for that trophy brown trout!  The variety of options in our area are endless, assuring you that you will find great fishing on any given day with us, regardless of the scenario.  Numbers of fish and size vary greatly depending on what fishery you are on but also on the anglers skill level.  We are very confident that regardless of skill or the fishery you will enjoy diverse fishing, incredible views, and outstanding service that will not disappoint you.  Our options that we have are endless and our variety of water is astounding.


Patagonia Trout Adventures is American and Chilean owned and operated by Nick and Carolina Lawton.  Nick has been guiding fly anglers in Montana, Alaska, California, and Patagonia, Chile for the last fifteen years and Carolina has been an accredited trained culinary chef (INACAP Culinary Institute) for the last fourteen years.  Nick's passion for fishing brought him to Patagonia, Chile eleven years ago and he was truly captivated by the fishing, the people, the mountains, and the overall experience of being in the southern hemisphere.  It was in the first years of fishing and exploring Patagonia, Chile that I met my life partner Carolina and with the combination of my fly fishing knowledge coupled with her culinary skills we saw an opportunity to build one of the most diverse and authentic fly fishing programs in Patagonia, Chile.   Carolina and Nick have combined their extensive and accredited reputations to build and offer what is one of the most diverse and undiscovered trout fishing programs in Patagonia, Chile.  

Nick is one of the most passionate and hard working fly fishing guides on the water.  Nick enjoys throwing big dry flies, chucking streamers, and spending time researching and developing new and unexplored fisheries in the Patagonian region of Chile.  Nick has been a fly fishing guide for 15 years and has extensive experience in Montana, Alaska, California, and Patagonia, Chile.  Nick has extensive experience navigating our class 3/4+ whitewater rivers safely in Patagonia, as well as 1000+ hours of jet boat experience in our rivers/creeks and lakes in the Aysen and Los Lagos Regions.  

Carolina is one of the best culinary chefs in Chile.  She graduated with a degree from INACAP culinary institute in Puerto Montt, Chile.  Carolina has been the administrator of several luxury hotels in Patagonia, Chile and has also served as head chef at some of the regions finest restaurants and lodges in Chile.  Her skill and mind set are top notch and you would be hard pressed to find a better chef in all of the Patagonia.  Her passion is to introduce guests to the heart and soul of Patagonia, Chile with intense flavors of her native country.  She prepares some of the regions finest authentic farm to table Chilean cuisine and her dishes have a warm inviting flavor that represents the authentic traditions only found in South America.  Talented, kind, sweet, and caring sum up this professional chef and there is nothing that makes her more happy than to introduce our guests to the warm inviting flavors of Chile.

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