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The fly fishing programs that we have developed are the best of the best when it comes to a top notch fly fishing lodge experience in Patagonia, Chile.  We provide a multitude of diverse fishing locations with each fly fishing package that we offer.  Our programs are designed to offer our guest the most diverse and varied fishing options in the Patagonia region with minimal drive times and seamless execution on maximizing your time on our legendary waters.  We operate our programs out of the Aysen and Los Lagos Regions of Patagonia, Chile and these two regions harbor some of most unexplored and trophy trout waters that are left on our planet and this is the reason that we have picked such an astounding location to build our top notch fly fishing program for you our guest to enjoy and discover what is one of the finest fly fishing destinations in the world.  One of the main highlights of our program is the outstanding dry fly fishing that is served up daily.  Imagine casting a dry fly the size of a hummingbird to free rising trout on a different Patagonian river daily with knowledgeable professional guides and you have what a dream Patagonia fly fishing adventure should be.   Our programs have been designed for the angler from the ground up and offer casual and comfortable accommodations with incredible lake side views coupled with regionally sourced and authentic Chilean cuisine prepared with love by our wonderful Chef Carolina that always has a warm smile and something incredible for you to sample nightly from her home country.  Authentic is the best word to describe the culinary experience you will have at the lodge.  We feel that experiencing the local flavors of Chile is one of the top to do things on your list and you will be served a double haul of Chilean hospitality throughout your stay with us at Patagonia Trout Adventures. 

About us

Patagonia Trout Adventures is a unique fly fishing lodge that provides the most authentic and diverse fly fishing programs offered in Patagonia, Chile.  Guests of Patagonia Trout Adventures (PTA) have the option to enjoy a world class fly fishing program with access to two of the most productive regions of Patagonia, Chile.  The Region de los Lagos and the Aysen Region.  These two regions provide unlimited access to over eight different rivers, three lakes, and countless secret lagoons that harbor trophy Patagonian trout assuring our guests the most diverse and varied fishing options in Patagonia, Chile.  Each trip is customized to our anglers desires, wants, and needs and you will have the option to build your dream fishing trip from as long as three days to as long as 4 weeks.  We will work directly with you in this process and will execute and customize each trip for our guests desires.  Guests of Patagonia Trout Adventures will also enjoy casual and comfortable accommodations at our lake side lodge and each and every guest of PTA will enjoy their own private room with en suite bathroom to provide you with the personal privacy that we feel you deserve.  Guests of PTA will enjoy the layout of our warm and inviting facility and will appreciate the breathtaking lake views, fully stocked bar, and the relaxing atmosphere that the lodge provides after a long day of world class fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile.  Guests of Patagonia Trout Adventures will also be treated to some of the regions finest gourmet Chilean cuisine and will be able to experience authentic regionally sourced fruits, meats, and vegetables of the Patagonian region throughout their stay with PTA.  Each and every night our guests will also sample some of the regions finest red and white wines from Chile and Argentina and we will pair the wines with each dish nightly, creating a perfect compliment to each day.  Each and every meal will be an experience in Chilean cuisine and our goal is to provide you with a true sampling of the regions finest authentic Chilean gastronomy.  The experience that Patagonia Trout Adventures provides is a unique blend of varied fly fishing, diverse water, incredible mountain views, authentic Chilean culture, lasting friendships and unparalleled service complimented by casual and comfortable accommodations,  authentic Chilean and regional gourmet cuisine paired with the finest Chilean and Argentine wines nightly.


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